Bloomberg: ‘New, cheaper’ Nintendo Switch likely to launch by end of June

Bloomberg discusses new budget Nintendo Switch / Switch Mini / modest upgrade Switch

Rumors intensify yet again about the existence of a new, budget model (sometimes called “Switch Mini“) of Nintendo Switch. This time, Bloomberg cites sources speaking under condition of anonymity that this new, cheaper Switch will launch by the end of June. Furthermore, “The existing Switch will receive a modest upgrade this year, though a more powerful version is not in the works, the people said” (emphasis added).

Nintendo will be releasing its financial results for the past year on Thursday, as well as guidance for the following year. So it is possible Nintendo could reference the existence of the new budget console as early as Thursday. Perhaps they will also make mention of this “modest upgrade.”

In any case, this news report overlaps somewhat with a report from Nikkei, which claims the budget Nintendo Switch is coming in fall and that a “next-gen” Switch model has been delayed.


John Friscia
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