Bloom: Memories Could Show Up on Wii U eShop


There are many indie Kickstarter darlings out there vying to reach their monetary goals so they can put forth their fabulous creations for us to behold and play for hours on end.  One of those Kickstarter games is called \’Bloom: Memories\’ and its an action adventure style game which found its inspiration in The Legend of Zelda world.  Nintendo Life quoted it as, \”an epic adventure about the love between a mother and her child\” and the game’s developer Studio Fawn is hoping that in just eight more days they can reach their $50,000 mark to share that love story with players around the globe.

Unfortunately the game is only being developed for Windows and Mac, but there are plans to work on having it converted to be played on the Wii U as well should the goal be met.

Check out the Kickstarter video below and let us know if you think Bloom: Memories is worthy of a Wii U eShop buy.  Leave a comment here on Nintendo Enthusiast.


[Source: Nintendo Life]

Tom Stovall