Blok Drop U eShop Preview

I recently had the chance to preview an upcoming Wii U eShop title called Blok Drop U. This is not only a brand-new indie game but also a new game that came out of the Nintendo Web Framework for the Wii U. This game is a simple, physics-based puzzle game that contains thirty short but challenging levels.


How the game works is actually quite simple. You have a small, special block you must guide safely to rest on any normal platform. To do so, you will need to make use of gravity and momentum by removing individual blocks in the way. Once the special block is safely resting on the ground and all other normal blocks are removed from the level, you win.

There are currently three sets of levels in the game. Each features ten individual levels, as well as a unique mechanic. The first set offers normal puzzles to get you started as a sort of introduction to the game. The second set features an increaced challenge of spinning blades that will destroy any blocks that happen to touch it. The final set of levels features a more dynamic and chaotic take on the physics with a new special bouncing block. Any block, normal or the special one, that happens to touch the bouncing block’s sides will bounce away.


The game is currently set to launch in early 2014 with the thirty levels I have mentioned, but the fun won\’t stop there. The game’s developer is currently planning to support the game post-launch with extra levels for free. By second or third quarter of 2014, they are planning to add an extra twenty levels to the game. By the end of 2014, the game will feature an additional thirty levels to bring the total levels for the game to an impressive eighty levels.

If you like physics puzzle games, you should keep an eye out for this game. Blok Drop U is currently scheduled to launch in early 2014 for $1.99. If the final product is anything like the preview I was able to play, this game looks like it will be a fun game when it releases.


Greg Wiggleton