Blissey is Pokémon Unite’s next new character, launching this Wednesday

Blissey Pokemon Unite

It’s not quite been a month since Gardevoir joined the Pokémon Unite roster, but we’re already getting our next new combatant! The Happiness Pokémon Blissey is joining the roster as the game’s fourth Supporter character, joining the likes of Mr. Mime, Eldegoss, and Wigglytuff. Better yet, Trainers won’t have to wait long to take part in this egg-stravaganza, as she’s coming this Wednesday, August 18th!

As a Supporter, Blissey is geared toward assisting your teammates instead of taking a leading role. While she does have damaging skills, most of Blissey’s benefits come from either debuffing the enemy team or buffing your allies. Blissey seems to be focused on healing and increasing attack speed, though her Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, allows her to rush to an ally and protect it from incoming attacks.

As always, it’ll be interesting to see how Blissey fits in with the rest of the roster. I personally don’t have a lot of experience playing Supporters in Pokémon Unite, though I love Blissey, so I’m definitely going to be giving her a try when she launches this Wednesday. And if Supporters aren’t your thing, don’t forget that we still have at least Blastoise to look forward to, if not more characters!

Who would you like to see join the Pokémon Unite roster in the future?

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