BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle 2.0 will bring in new franchises

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

A trailer was leaked and subsequently removed today for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The game is getting a 2.0 update adding new characters from new franchises. The crossover fighting game already combines five different franchises with BlazBlue, Persona 4, RWBY, Under Night In-Birth, and Arcana Heart. The two new franchises coming with the 2.0 version are Senran Kagura and Akatsuki En-Eins.

Update: The official trailer has launched, and has been added to the article.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle 2.0 will contain nine new characters, of which they have only announced four thus far. Right now, we have one new RWBY character, one Senran Kagura character, and two Akatsuki En-Eins characters.

Neo Politan from RWBY is an umbrella fighter whos name and color scheme are a reference to Neopolitan ice cream. Yumi from Senran Kagura uses paper fans to attack. Akatsuki from Akatsuki Shisei Ichigo is a no-nonsense fist-fighter in a military uniform. Finally, there’s Blitztank. Blitztank is from Akatsuki Blitzkampf and will be the most unique “fighter” in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Blitztank is a ten-foot-tall tank with a giant skull at the top.

The 2.0 update for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will release on Nov 21. The update will bring the roster up to 53 characters across seven franchises, making it one of the largest crossover fighting games of all time. Now if only we could get some Guilty Gear representation.

Are you a fan of the new franchises coming over? Have you experienced the joy of Blitztank? What other five characters are you hoping to see in the new update? Let us know in the comments! And, if you’re a Senran Kagura fan, check out the review for the latest Senran Kagura game: Senran Kagura Peach Ball.


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