Blaster Master Zero 3 announced by Inti Creates with July release date

Blaster Master Zero 3 release date Inti Creates July 29 Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PC Steam Epic Games Store EGS

Today at New Game+ Expo 2021, developer Inti Creates announced Blaster Master Zero 3 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Epic Games Store with a July 29, 2021 release date. It is the “final chapter” in a trilogy of awesome retro games with some Metroidvania elements that maintain an identity all their own. The premise is that Jason is returning to the planet Sophia to save Eve.

Inti Creates describes Blaster Master Zero 3 saying that “the phenomenal NES style pixel art makes its return alongside cutting edge action and gameplay! Hop abroad the all-terrain battle tank G-SOPHIA SV and blast your way through legions of mutants and as you journey into uncharted territory full of new experiences!

Blaster Master Zero originally launched for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch in March 2017, coinciding with the launch of Nintendo Switch, before later coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. Blaster Master Zero 2 then came to all of the aforementioned platforms, sans 3DS, two years later in March 2019. Now, Blaster Master Zero 3 will arrive a little more than two years after its predecessor with its July release date.

The amount of literally retro or stylistically retro games available on Nintendo Switch these days is enormous, which is kind of incredible for a platform that isn’t Steam. Switch has the potential to pull in a lot of older gamers with experiences they remember from when they were kids.


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