Blaster Master Zero 2: 19 minutes of the Kanna Raising Simulator DLC

Blaster Master Zero 2 Kanna Raising

Blaster Master Zero 2 has some exciting minigame DLC on the way titled Kanna Raising Simulator. Thanks to Nintendo Hall on YouTube, we can now see that DLC in action through a nineteen-minute video. Give it a watch below if you’ve got the time!

The opening minutes of the Blaster Master Zero 2 Kanna Raising Simulator DLC star an intense shooting gallery where your goal, according to the game itself, is to “find, like, A LOT of fertilizer and use it to help Kanna . . . grow niiice and big.” Nintendo Hall spends the duration of the video doing just that, knocking out baddies, collecting fertilizer, and helping Kanna grow.

You can already experience all sorts of Blaster Master on Switch. If you so desire, check out the NES original through Nintendo Switch Online, enjoy its reimagining, Blaster Master Zero, and, of course, Blaster Master Zero 2 and, soon, its DLC are all waiting for ya.

While Kanna Raising Simulator offers a bit of a departure from its parents game’s normal mix of sidescrolling and top-down shooting gameplay, it still looks like a cool excursion for fans of the game. Think you’ll check it out? What do you think of the gameplay shown in the video? Let us know below!

Nick Pearson
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