Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition video demonstrates cinematic upgrade

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition cinematic update video visual upgrades Nightdive Studios

Nightdive Studios is a perpetually busy developer, remastering all the games we care about. On top of the recently released Doom 64 port, Nightdive is working on Shadow Man Remastered and Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. The latter is getting an upgrade to its in-game cinematics, as shown off in a new video clip.

The Cinematic Update video shows some existing Blade Runner cinematics running alongside the newly remastered scenes. It is immediately obvious that the new cinematics run at a higher frame rate than before, and we hope this performance translates to all platforms. The video doesn’t state what platform is running, but we’d assume it’s a PC build, especially as the original was a PC title.

The second major difference is the elimination of existing visual artifacts. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has a much cleaner look than the source material, heightened by the performance upgrade. In my opinion the visual change does affect the mood of some scenes, which hopefully doesn’t detract from the final product.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition continues to have no set release date but is planned to arrive this year. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam when it is ready.


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