BlackMoon Design\'s Sam Bogart Files Will Arrive in Nintendo Wii U eShop if it Succeeds on iOS

This one’s conditional


BlackMoon Design recently released a new iOS game called Sam Bogart Flies and is hoping to bring it to the Nintendo Wii U eShop under one condition.

\”If the game would turn (at least) moderate success on iOS – we plan to release it on the other platforms as well (such as Wii and Ouya).\” Robert Podgorski of BlackMoon Design affirmed speaking to Nintendo Enthusiast.

The first of what’s intended to be a longer series of free mobile games, Sam Bogart Flies is, as the developer calls it, a \”pretty funny, noir beat\’em up\” about a bear detective. The classic beat\’em up mechanic has been spiced with some crude humour and cartoon, animal characters.

The game is created in Html5 and will be available for free (without any in-app nonsense) on the AppStore. So if you\’d intereted and would like to see it arrive on Wii U, go download it for free here.

Omar T