BlackMilk X Super Mario collection is live, Animal Crossing attire next week

Blackmilk X Super Mario collection clothing attire fashion Australia BlackMilk X Animal Crossing collection

If you don’t live in Australia or don’t know anything about fashion, (I fall into both categories.) you may be unfamiliar with BlackMilk, but it’s a popular Australia-based fashion company that ships its clothing worldwide. That may be good news for you, as the BlackMilk X Super Mario collection has launched today online, showcasing dozens of articles of stylish women’s clothes featuring iconic Mario characters and iconography. Additionally, a BlackMilk X Animal Crossing collection will be launching on Monday, Oct. 12 at 5:00 p.m.

The BlackMilk x Super Mario collection includes the likes of Warp Pipe business time shirts, Yoshi Garden cuffed shorts, a Bowser shiny bomber jacket, and whatever a “Princess Peach argyle short sleeve evil mini skater dress” is. A lot of it looks genuinely really nice, but I guess when you have a bunch of models wearing stuff, it’s supposed to look nice. There are a range of prices according to the type of attire, as Mario shorts overalls run $109 AUD ($78 USD), but Super Mario Enemies HW bike pants are a more reasonable $59 AUD ($42 USD). Some pieces have already hit their presale limits, so check back again if there’s something you really like.

Meanwhile, details on the BlackMilk X Animal Crossing collection are a bit hard to come by right now. However, it will include “the cutest prints and totally unique designer pieces featuring Timmy and Tommy, Isabelle, K.K., and more.”

What do you think of the BlackMilk x Super Mario collection and the tease for Animal Crossing attire? Leave a comment if your fashion knowledge extends beyond the few seasons of Project Runway that I’ve seen.

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