Bittersweet Birthday is a pixelated adventure headed to Switch & PC

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Publisher Pineapple Works and developer World Eater Games have announced that pixel art action game Bittersweet Birthday will come to Nintendo Switch as well as PC, currently targeting a late 2022 release date. The game already has a free demo on Steam said to last between 30 minutes and an hour, intended to entice players before the game heads to Indiegogo soon for additional funding. A trailer for the demo can be viewed below.

Bittersweet Birthday draws inspiration from Undertale and Deltarune for the design and the Zero Escape series for its “theme and intrigue.” The gameplay will be half boss rush, half adventure exploration, with various interlocking quests to be found in the game’s main village. Story-wise, Bittersweet Birthday has a familiar premise: An amnesiac wakes up in a mysterious land, guided only by a “strange voice from nowhere.” Nonetheless, the developers intend to make you “laugh and cry at the same time!” World Eater Games is from Panama, a refreshing change of pace, and this is the developer’s first commercial release.

I like what I’m seeing of Pineapple Works and World Eater Games’ Bittersweet Birthday so far. It has a distinct atmosphere and should be right at home on Nintendo Switch. What do you think of it? Make sure to check out the demo if you’re intrigued.

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