Bird Mania 3D Saw Better Success in the Nintendo eShop Than in the Apple App Store

Teyon, a Polish video game developer, producer, and online publisher who entered the video game spectrum back in 2006 has revealed to Nintendo Enthusiast fourms that, compared to Bird Mania’s debut in the Apple App Store, Bird Mania 3D was a hit in the Nintendo eShop.

Teyon: \”Bird Mania was definitely a hit and did very well on Nintendo 3DS compared to it’s release on the App Store. It hit the top spot on the Nintendo eShop charts when it was released back in 2012.\”

Teyon cites addition of online leaderboards to the Nintendo eShop version of the game as one of the reason why the game performed to so well compared to the App Store version.

\”One of the main differences is definitely the online leaderboards. The original did not include this feature and being a score based game it was one of the main features we had to include in the new version so that players could actually compete with fellow Bird Mania players! :D\”

Who know, maybe Nintendo enthusiasts just know a good game when they see it. Teyon recently released the next installment to the Bid Mania series, Bird Mania Christmas 3D, in the Nintendo eShop. You can direct all your pressing developer questions to our \”Meet the Game Developers\” section in our forums.

Omar T