BioShock: The Collection analysis shows this is a strong Switch port

BioShock: The Collection analysis shows this Switch port holds up performance

BioShock: The Collection released late last month on Nintendo Switch, delivering all three BioShock games and their respective DLC. When the port was initially announced, we expressed our love for the series. Now, Digital Foundry has thoroughly explored the technical side of the collection on Switch and concludes that the performance holds up well. They turn out good frame rates and resolutions across the board. BioShock Infinite suffers slightly due to a more demanding setup though.

The first BioShock sits at dynamic 1080p docked, with a dynamic 720p handheld resolution. In both modes, 30 FPS generally holds throughout, with very infrequent dips and frame pacing issues. Visual effects and most textures sit at a lower detail level though, presumably to keep that frame rate relatively solid. The Switch version contains higher detail levels than the original Xbox 360 version, putting it somewhere in the middle compared to that and the Xbox One version.

BioShock 2 is largely similar, as both originals shared the same tech. Again, a dynamic 1080p docked resolution holds true along with dynamic 720p for handheld, and 30 FPS is generally true too, aside from a prerendered intro cutscene where the frames drop below 30.

BioShock Infinite has a slightly different setup. The third entry in the series was a late last-generation game and a more demanding release in 2013. Therefore, the dynamic 1080p docked res can drop to 810p, but handheld holds a pretty solid 720p res again. Level of detail is lower than that of the Xbox One and PS4 releases, and the generally brighter visuals can show off these differences a little more.

What’s great is that all around, the Switch versions do use the upgraded textures and visual makeup of the remasters, rather than being simple ports. This combined with the solid frame rate means BioShock: The Collection looks worth picking up on Switch. Its performance is an easier sell than that of The Outer Worlds.


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