Big comfort: Life-size Slowpoke plush coming this year

life-size Slowpoke plush

Gamers, are you lonely? Looking for something to cradle in your arms without having to worry about things like responsibility? Then the life-size Slowpoke plush is just the thing for you. Japan’s Pokémon Center, which is known to sell big plushes, is now accepting orders for the doll and will begin shipping it this November.

A giant Slowpoke plush would immensely improve my sanity

If you would like to see pictures of the soft beast, Serebii’s Joe Merrick tweeted about the merchandise earlier today:

It would take some getting used to, waking up to a figure with such a deranged expression on its face.

Slowpoke’s dimensions are 150cm long, 65cm tall, and 75cm wide. You can order one right now in Japan here, for 49,500 yen (around $450 / £318). So it costs more than a Nintendo Switch!

Also, squishy Slowpoke is recommended for humans 15 years of age or older. Probably because it will crush any human younger than that with its mushy goodness.

Japanese enthusiasts, will you be purchasing the life-size Slowpoke plush? Do you think it will fill any empty voids made manifest due to the pandemic? Let us know in the comment section below!

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