Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain demo is out on Switch eShop

Big Brain Academy Brain vs Brain Nintendo Switch eShop demo out now

The Nintendo Switch eShop has just received a free demo for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, the upcoming multiplayer brain-teaser game that launches on December 3. It contains “a selection of activities” that will be available in the final game, and you will just have to download the Big Brain Academy demo from the Switch eShop to find out what that entails.

We previously reported on the variety of modes that Brain vs. Brain will bring. The game can be played fine in single-player, but the main draw is local multiplayer for upward of four players. (You can also play against the “ghost data” of other players stored online.) The difficulty level of challenges can be adjusted too, so that players of different ages (parent and child, for instance) can go head to head without the outcome being totally lopsided. Meanwhile, brain teasers are divided into five categories — Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize — and hopefully the Switch eShop demo for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain will provide a nice sampling of each.

However, if a new demo isn’t enough to sell you on this brain game, then surely this random advertisement starring Neil Patrick Harris and his family will do just the trick.


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