Big boy: Game Boy gets modded into Game Man, can play Famicom titles

Game Boy mod Game Man

Are there any enthusiasts that remember the original Game Boy? It released in 1989, so it may be an ancient relic to younger gamers. Nintendo’s popular handheld was revolutionary when it launched in all its black and white glory. Even today, nostalgic players reminisce about the machine by envisioning current titles in 8-bit form. One fan, known as the Grumpy Modeler, loves the portable Game Boy so much they modded it into the Game Man.

The Game Man is quite the giant compared to its brethren

Take a look at the upgrade below:

The Game Man not only has the ability to play Famicom games portably but it can also be connected to a television and used wirelessly.

The Grumpy Modeler created the Game Man using a 3D-printed case, Famicom, and a bunch of third-party components. It has a 5.6-inch full-color 640×480 LCD screen, as well. It’s an awesome feat of engineering, though you can’t carry it around in your pocket.

If you’re interested in trying to recreate this contraption, the Grumpy Modeler has a list of their 3D printer files online. Just make sure you have some soldering skills!

Enthusiasts, what do you think of the Game Man? Have you ever modded your Game Boy or other consoles? Let us know below.

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