Bidoof Day video announcement delivers shocking Pokémon news

Bidoof Day announcement video news official YouTube The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company recently declared that July 1 would be Bidoof Day, and we detailed back then all the festivities that would be occurring in the Pokémon world, especially in Pokémon GO. However, today the official YouTube channel for the franchise released a Bidoof Day announcement video, and it contains the most important and shocking news in the entire universe. Your head will explode. Everyone in your vicinity will explode. This is just the ultimate earth-shattering revelation.

Bidoof Day announcement news

This Pokémon can’t do much. You know the rules, and so do I. It’s barely capable of standing up, but it’s our buddy and here’s some reasons why. Can’t you see its heart is full of feelings? Gotta make you understand: Always been a friend — Bidoof. On it, you depend — Bidoof. Bidoof gonna stand its ground and stay true. Never gonna doubt Bidoof. Now I’m gonna shout Bidoof! Everybody loves Bidoof, and it loves you. Everybody loves, everybody loves, loves Bidoof. Everybody loves, everybody loves, loves Bidoof. Much more than plain old Cut, don’t be shy to use them. Inside we all know that it’s earned a song. We know its name and we’re gonna sing it. Understand? It’s never gonna stop — Bidoof. Sharing what it’s got — Bidoof. Bidoof’s gonna show you how and support you. Everybody loves, everybody loves, loves Bidoof.


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