Bethesda won’t be hosting a digital showcase in June

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The worldwide spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus has been impacting the world in a number of sudden and shocking ways. For video game enthusiasts and members of the game industry, one of these effects has been the sudden postponement or even cancellation of various conferences and events set to occur this summer. The biggest cancellation has been that of E3 2020, the first time the massive LA video game showcase has been put on hold in 25 years. The cancellation of E3 has led plenty of major video game companies involved in the show to seek out digital avenues for showcasing their upcoming games and projects. Unfortunately, Bethesda Softworks has no such plans.

Shared via Twitter earlier today by Pete Hines, the Senior Vice President of global marketing and communications at Bethesda, the major video company has no plans to host a digital version of their yearly showcase in June. Instead, the tweet hints that news about their upcoming and current games will be shared in a different format throughout the coming months.

Fans likely expected the 2020 Bethesda showcase to include news on upcoming updates to the recently released title Doom Eternal, as well as details on massively anticipated upcoming games like Starfield and even The Elder Scrolls VI.


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