The best Switch games to play with your non-gaming friends and family

OVercooked 2 nintendo switch games for non-gaming friends and family

If you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly a huge fan of video games, you already know the value of playing games with those close to you, and you probably have a Nintendo Switch. But maybe you’re wanting to play with your non-gaming friends and family who never got into games like Zelda and don’t want to play by themselves. Toward that end, we’ve put together a list of the best Switch games to play with your non-gaming friends and family, including some expected games and at least one not so expected.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Mario Kart spinoff series has dominated the kart racer genre for decades with its accessible gameplay. Aside from recognizable characters, the random items and the wild tracks help set Mario Kart 8 Deluxe apart as an excellent title for your non-gaming friends and family. It’s just plain, fast-paced fun.

However, there’s a number of difficulty settings to choose from as well. If things get too fast-paced, just crank the difficulty down so everyone can enjoy the races. The Switch port of Mario Kart 8 even comes with an option for motion controls if you’re struggling with traditional controllers (or vice versa). All the characters are unlocked from the start as well, so everyone can pick their favorites right away.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1

The Walking Dead isn’t a traditional multiplayer game. In fact, it’s not technically multiplayer at all. The Walking Dead is a story-based adventure game, where most of the action comes from player-directed choices as the story you think you know unfolds.

Playing Telltale adventure games is a fun way to collaborate with each other instead of competing. Whether you’re discussing the best choice for each situation or taking turns making all the choices in hot seat-style rounds, The Walking Dead pulls you in and keeps you guessing. It certainly helps that The Walking Dead is one of the more emotional stories in games too. That’s perfect for non-gaming friends and family who just can’t get into gaming’s usual storytelling beats.

Overcooked 2

In theory, Overcooked 2 is meant to be a cute couch co-op game where players work together to prepare cute dishes in weird, cute restaurants. In practice, it’s a chaotic experience. You’re just as likely to flip yourself out as you are to flip your dishes. That’s part of the appeal, though. Overcooked 2 is about laughing at your failures as much as celebrating your successes.

The restaurants have unique gimmicks that actively keep players from doing their best work, like a rotating floor or rivers separating the prep stations. And you only have a limited time to finish each dish. Thankfully, Overcooked 2 is simple to play, and placing human error front and center makes the game such a fresh mix of frustration and delight.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

One could easily argue the Super Mario series is the most iconic video game franchise. The big question is where to start in the long-running series, and the answer may be New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. It has the dual advantage of being the best-looking New Super Mario Bros. game to date with the best level designs as well. There are over 150 levels to clear in the main game. On top of that, it has the New Super Luigi U add-on built in if your non-gaming family and friends want some extra challenge. Better yet, there’s a difficulty level for everyone here thanks to character selection. If your non-gaming friends and family are finding a stage just a bit too tough, they can play as Toadette or Nabbit to make platforming or dealing with enemies easier. It’s pure fun at its most accessible.

Ring Fit Adventure

Not every game you play with friends and family has to be strictly multiplayer. Ring Fit Adventure proves that very well. It’s important to stay active, but getting motivated enough to do it isn’t always easy. That’s where your family or friends come in. Playing Ring Fit Adventure together is an excellent way to build each other up and stay motivated.

Ring Fit Adventure is an unlikely mix of RPG and exercise game, where you’ll perform various moves to battle enemies or overcome obstacles in your way. Or you can design your own workout regimen if you don’t want to play the story mode. Either way, it’s less a co-op game and more like having a gym buddy. Ring Fit is controlled through body movement, so there’s not even a learning curve for people who’ve never touched a controller. Just be prepared for a serious workout.

Super Mario Party

It doesn’t get more casual gamer-friendly than Mario Party, and Super Mario Party on Switch is the latest in the series. It’s more or less a virtual board game where players compete or cooperate to get stars. It’s Mario, though, so there’s more to it than that. Each board is full of hazards, and you can use all manner of Mario items to get an edge on your opponents.

The real star is the mini-game collection, though. Each mini-game has you work towards a number of zany goals, like avoiding Chain Chomps or whacking each other with hammers. They all have easy-to-comprehend instructions presented at the beginning so no one gets left out, making it perfect for your non-gaming friends and family.

These are just some of the best Nintendo Switch games to enjoy with your non-gaming friends and family. Hopefully, it’s enough to get the party started and keep everyone happy. We’ve also got you covered if you need to keep the kids entertained. And if you just need some solo time, there are also plenty of great single-player games on the Switch for you to enjoy on your own, including some excellent anime games. Whatever your preferences, stick with Nintendo Enthusiast for all your Nintendo needs.

Nintendo Enthusiast Staff