Exposure: Nintendo highlights the best selling indie games of 2020

best selling indie games

The Nintendo Switch is my go-to for indies. I love having the portability option and the games themselves sell ridiculously well on the system. The Big N has been taking time to showcase upcoming titles in the genre with Indie World. And now that 2020 will soon be behind us, the company has graced YouTube with a new video highlighting the best selling indie games of the year.

Some surprises among the best selling indie games of 2020

Have a look-see at the games that were downloaded a bunch of times:

Some obvious hits are on display, like Hades, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Streets of Rage 4. However, there are also a few hidden gems, such as What the Golf?, Neon Abyss, CrossCode, Spiritfarer, and personal fave Carrion. It looks like gamers love variety, as many of these works run the gauntlet of video game genres.

Enthusiasts, did you purchase any games that were featured in the best selling indie games of the year? Are you intrigued by some you haven’t bought that you are now wishlisting? What are you looking towards in the future? Let us know the answers to these questions in the comment field below.


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