Best re-release of the year: Castlevania Advance Collection

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There are just a couple Nintendo Enthusiast game of the year awards left to cover! The award for best re-release goes to the Nintendo Switch game that really wowed us in terms of providing the best package of base game and extras.


2021 best re-release winner: Castlevania Advance Collection

While the voting was close, the Castlevania Advance Collection narrowly edged out a victory. Though all of the nominees were excellent re-releases, it’s hard to compete against a package featuring not one, not two, but four classic Castlevania experiences. For someone like me who had never played the original releases, the added quality-of-life features (such as rewinding time and saving/loading at will) were instrumental. I’ve even played through each one a few times as there are numerous ways to experience the games in a new light on repeated runs!

While the games themselves are a major selling point, what truly helps this collection is that it offers a whole suite of extra features that Castlevania fans are sure to enjoy. There’s a gallery full of original, never-before-seen artwork, an encyclopedia containing valuable information on each game’s enemies, and my personal favorite, a music player to listen to each game’s soundtrack, complete with the ability to create your own playlist!

All of these features make this collection a treat both for existing fans of the franchise and newcomers that may have missed out on the original releases. For these reasons, Castlevania Advance Collection earns our best re-release of the year award at Nintendo Enthusiast in 2021!

Steven Rollins
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