Debate: 10 Best Nintendo Games – Nintendo Enthusiast EGLX 2018 Panel

Last Sunday, four Nintendo Enthusiast writers hosted a panel in Toronto during EGLX 2018 (Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo). Our panel focused on figuring out which games make up the top ten best exclusives ever released on a Nintendo platform. It was a mighty challenge. After an hour of fighting, a very controversial final list emerged. You can check out our 50-minute panel below! If you’re most curious in how the final list turned out, you can check it out at the bottom of this page.

Leading up to EGLX 2018, each panelist published a list of their own top 10 best Nintendo games. These games provided a roadmap as we crafted our website’s definitive list during the panel. Please note, we are allowing any Nintendo exclusives in our top-10 list. That means games that weren’t developed in-house by Nintendo are still eligible for this list (example: Bayonetta 2). More panel rules are explained at the beginning of the video.

You can check out each of our writer’s top ten best Nintendo games lists below!

Brett’s top 10 Nintendo games

Aric’s top 10 Nintendo games

Nick’s top 10 Nintendo games

Eli’s top 10 Nintendo games

Curious how things turned out? Well, here you go. Feast your eyes on what may be the most controversial Nintendo list of all time.

Keep in mind, this list isn’t our site’s official ranking. It was all to have fun and interact with the Nintendo Enthusiast audience during EGLX 2018. It was great seeing how many people came out and even more awesome having a handful of you put your favorite’s on the list. We look forward to doing something similar next year!

What are some of your favorite Nintendo titles? Starfox? Metroid? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page.

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Brett Medlock
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