The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night

golurk The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night

We’re more than halfway through the Pokédex on our quest to find the best Pokémon of every type. It’s Ghost types stealing the spotlight this time. Sometimes frail but always powerful, Ghost Pokémon are masters of versatility. We’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best Ghost type Pokémon around. No Legendary Pokémon or Mega Evolutions made the cut, as always.

Alolan Marowak

alolan marowak The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night
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Alolan Marowak derives its usefulness from multiple sources. One is its Lightning Rod ability, which gives you the benefits of a Ground type (Electric immunity) without actually having a Ground type. The other is its special held item, Thick Club. The Thick Club doubles Alolan Marowak’s attack, so its base Attack stat of 80 becomes 160. That’s big.

And then you have Alolan Marowak’s move pool. Shadow Bone is great, since it lowers the opponent’s Defense — handy if you end up losing the Club to Knock Off. Flare Blitz gets a same-type attack bonus with Alolan Marowak’s excellent Fire/Ghost typing, and you still get some Ground moves like Stomping Tantrum.


cofagrigus The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night
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You might think Cofagrigus’ Attack and Speed stats keep it from being one of the best Ghost type Pokémon. But it’s actually a pretty excellent fighter. Its incredible 145 Defense and 105 Special Defense mean Cofagrigus is going to last a long time in battle, even with low HP. Plus, being pure Ghost means Cofagrigus is only weak to other Ghosts and Dark types. If Speed is a problem, you’ve got access to Trick Room to make sure Cofagrigus goes first for the next five turns.

That’s great, you say, but you still have to attack your foe. Indeed you do. Stick Nasty Plot on Cofagrigus, and your Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, or Energy Ball gets a huge boost. Most Ghosts are fairly frail, so getting both offense and defense out of Cofagrigus is pretty special.


gengar The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night
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Agatha’s Gengar might have terrorized those of us who played the original Pokémon games as kids, and there’s a good reason why. Gengar has a Special Attack stat to rival that of Alakazam, making it one of the strongest special attackers around and definitely one of the best Ghost type Pokémon — even if it can’t have the Levitate ability anymore. Better yet, Gengar’s high Speed of 110 lets you swoop in and wreck your opponent (usually) before they even get a chance to move.

You’ve got so many moves to choose from too. Grass or Ice covers the Ground weakness, while Dark Pulse takes care of Psychics. And then there are plenty of surprise moves as well, ranging from Fairy to Fighting. Gengar might have low Defense, but it’s a potent Pokémon.


golurk The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night
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Golurk’s typing is one of the things qualifying it for our best Ghost type Pokémon list. True, Palossand has Ghost/Ground for its typing too, but Golurk edges ahead thanks to being slightly more well-rounded. Attack is Golurk’s other big strength, with a base stat of 124. That, with Golurk’s same-type attack bonus, makes Earthquake, Phantom Force, and Shadow Punch hit hard.

Ground also gives Golurk a bonus over Rock types, which is handy if you did want to try for competitive or if tanks like Aggron are giving you trouble in the main game. Golurk is also supreme winner of surprise moves. It can learn Fly, of all things, plus Heavy Slam, Darkest Lariat, and Heat Crash.


mimikyu The top 10 best Ghost type Pokémon: Bumps in the night
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Mimikyu ended up being gen 7’s unofficial mascot. Even aside from the winning mix of creepy cuteness, Mimikyu’s still worth your attention. For starters, there’s Mimikyu’s signature ability, Disguise. Disguise essentially gives you one free turn, where the opponent’s attack does no damage regardless of what it is (unless it’s Confusion). And that gives you all kinds of possibilities to set up your battle.

You can lower the enemy’s stats with Charm, inflict a status condition, or raise Mimikyu’s own stats with Swords Dance or Bulk Up. Its Fairy dual typing gives Mimikyu extra resistance to Dark, which is handy for a Ghost type. Even though its base stats aren’t overwhelming, you’ll still endure long enough to deal out some not-insignificant damage with the likes of Wood Hammer and Play Rough.


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Mismagius might not have Gengar’s stats or move pool, but there are a few things making it Gengar’s equal as one of the best Ghost type Pokémon. One of those is still getting the Levitate ability, which completely neutralizes all Ground moves. Another is Power Gem. This special-oriented Rock attack makes Mismagius a good surprise Pokémon against Ice, Flying, and Grass types. And then there’s Perish Song. Gengar can learn it as an Egg move, but Mismagius gets it naturally thanks to its pre-evolved form, Misdreavus. Couple that with Misdreavus’ Mean Look, and you’ve got an easy way to deal with opponents.


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Spiritomb is a great choice if you’re looking for an all-purpose Ghost Pokémon. Its Defenses (102 each) aren’t as impressive as Cofagrigus’. But with Attack and Special Attack of 92, you also don’t need to spend as much time boosting stats before you can put a dent in your opponent’s team. Spiritomb’s Dark dual typing makes Sucker Punch more useful when that low Speed gets you down.

Aside from that, there’s a surprisingly limited move pool for Spiritomb, but in exchange for quantity, you get moves that just work for it. Status moves like Will-o-Wisp and Hypnosis sit comfortably next to Ominous Wind and Calm Mind, giving Spiritomb options for dealing with nearly any situation (as long as it doesn’t involve Fairy types).


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Polteageist has the potential to be a very strong cuppa tea indeed. Attack, Defense, and Speed are iffy, like with many Ghosts. But players are using Shell Smash to take advantage of that, lowering Defense and raising Speed even more, to set up Stored Power. Stored Power’s strength gets a +20 boost for every stat increase. If you think Polteageist lowering its own Defense might be a horrible idea, Polteageist also has plenty of recovery options. Giga Drain might not benefit from a same-type attack bonus, yet Polteageist’s incredibly high Special Attack of 134 means you’re going to recover a good deal of HP anyway. Even if that strategy doesn’t suit your tastes, Polteageist has plenty of other options to deal with its weaknesses.


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Dhelmise is one of the best Ghost type Pokémon because the Steelworker ability ultimately makes Dhelmise a triple type Pokémon. Steelworker raises the power of Steel moves by 50%, which is essentially the same as a same-type attack bonus. That’s a good thing too, since early on, Dhelmise mainly learns physical Steel attacks befitting its 131 Attack stat. It won’t learn strong Ghost and Grass moves until higher levels, unless you use TMs and TRs. But once you do get moves like Power Whip and Phantom Force on it, Dhelmise is quite the formidable foe with its 100 base Defense stat and respectable 90 Special Defense stat.


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Oricorio-Sensu is one of the only Ghost and Flying types in Pokémon, which gives it access to some pretty useful moves. Roost recovers HP without dealing with sleep. Feather Dance lowers enemy Attack, while Tailwind boosts your Speed so you’ll almost always go first. Oricorio-Sensu’s only Ghost move is Revelation Dance, but that’s okay. It’s a strong move anyway, and same-type attack bonus with Oricorio-Sensu’s healthy Special Attack means it’s all you need. Plus, it frees up a slot for the super powerful Flying move Hurricane. Just keep in mind all the weaknesses the Flying dual typing opens Oricorio up to.

That’s that for our best Ghost type Pokémon list. Had better experiences with a different Ghost type? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to catch up with the rest of our best Pokémon roundups:

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