Best Day Ever, upbeat narrative & management game, hits Switch in July

French developer ReRolled Studio Best Day Ever game Nintendo Switch release date July 2, 2021 management narrative

French indie developer ReRolled Studio has announced a July 2, 2021 release date for its narrative / management game Best Day Ever on Nintendo Switch, following up on its Steam release earlier this month. The game aims to “tell positive and optimistic stories about serious themes like sexism, school harassment or homosexuality.” In order to achieve that, you have to manage the lives of four people whose stories will intertwine, and how you manage one person’s life will have ramifications for the other three. There are multiple endings for each character, but if you manage them right, they just might have the best day ever.

TheĀ Best Day Ever game trailer below introduces the four different characters, Emma Nadger, manager at BisKot; Jordan Neal, student and basketball player; Paul Hitik, Waters City mayoral candidate; and Jenny, simply a student. Even though some bits of the trailer are in French, you can see you’ll be managing phone calls, emails, and characters’ personal objectives as the day plays out.

Best Day Ever reminds me slightly of another slice-of-life narrative game on Nintendo Switch, Half Past Fate, (Don’t play its spinoff.) except that game is completely narrative-driven and doesn’t have multiple endings. It’s nice that indie developers like ReRolled Studio can provide breezy narrative games like Best Day Ever on Switch.

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