Undertale is bundled with a Sans plush at Best Buy


Best Buy is bundling digital codes for Undertale with a plush doll depiction of the game’s most famous character, Sans. While it is not quite as cool as the collector’s edition from last year that featured a gold-plated locket, physical goodies are always fun, right?

Unfortunately, the bundle does not seem to offer any crazy savings. An Undertale digital code for Switch will run you $15 at Best Buy right now, which translates to a $25 purchase price for the Sans doll. Still, if you have not played Undertale, or you just want it on Switch, and you are also a huge fan of Sans (perhaps after his recent Mii fighter appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), then this might be worth it for you. If that is the case, you can head over to Best Buy’s website and give the bundle a look.

The Undertale phenomenon never seems to die out, does it? The game has been out for a few years now, and it has been out on Switch for over a year, but it is still popping up in new capacities again and again. Do you think the game deserves all the hype? Do you think it deserves the sort of hype that translates to a $40 bundle price for a plush doll and digital game code?

Nick Pearson
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