Best action-adventure game of the year: Death’s Door

2021 Nintendo Enthusiast Best action-adventure game of the year: Deaths Door Acid Nerve Death’s Door

The Nintendo Enthusiast game of the year awards continue! The best action-adventure game of the year award goes to the Nintendo Switch game that offered the tightest controls, intense combat, and overall highest fun factor.


  • Metroid Dread
  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Death’s Door
  • Cyber Shadow
  • Persona 5 Strikers

2021 best action-adventure game of the year winner: Death’s Door

Death’s Door is the best action-adventure game of the year, and it was also a very late addition to the Nintendo Switch library in 2021. It released exclusively on Xbox and PC earlier in the year to high acclaim. Thankfully, Switch owners can now experience its brilliance. 

The game is extremely well designed on many fronts, from the genius level design and eerie setting, to the Zelda-like temples and exhilarating combat. Death’s Door perfectly blends together a modern Soulslike experience with traditional action adventure. It’s not afraid to kick your butt a few times, but it’s also not overly punishing. It always keep you coming back for more. With various weapons and tools at your disposal, Death’s Door offers the most fun and engaging action of 2021.

Developer Acid Nerve achieved greatness by staying simple in concept but complex in action. This game manages to be menacing while simultaneously quirky and full of charm.

Death’s Door shows us you don’t always have to find the next gimmick to be a great game. You can build upon games of the past and create something special. In the case of Death’s Door, it’s something better than most. This is a game any Nintendo Switch owner should check out, and these are the reasons why Death’s Door is our action-adventure game of the year in 2021 at Nintendo Enthusiast.

Brett Medlock
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