Believe It or Not, the Switch Can Run This (UE4)

It’s common knowledge that the Switch isn’t exactly as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean it’s a slouch. Nintendo and Nvidia have put some serious thought into the engineering of this hybrid system in order to produce something that’s small, but powerful. If this Unreal Engine 4 demo is anything to go by, the system really does pack a punch:

This small demo (called ‘Casa Barragan’) was created by Japanese developer, Makaya Kenichi. The above video was captured on a PC, but at a recent event hosted by Epic Games, this demo was confirmed to have been ported to Switch. It ran smoothly after just a little tweaking; the resolution had to be turned down to 720p, but with a little more optimization, the developers think they can get it running at a higher resolution.

Keep in mind that we’re only a little over two months into the Switch’s lifecycle. Absolutely no console shows off its full potential during its early years, so with a little more time, we’ll gradually see the quality of Switch games improve as developers get more accustomed to the hardware. So far, the system has actually been doing pretty good when compared to the rival platforms; games like LEGO City Undercover and NBA Playgrounds are prettier on PS4/Xbox One, but the Switch is not far behind at all.