Behind the Screen will be available on Nintendo Switch this month

behind the screen

Before Nintendo made news on Wednesday morning with its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, info about another title came out. Cosen revealed it will be bringing the puzzle game Behind the Screen to Nintendo Switch this month and it also released a new trailer. The game is not the first puzzle game Cosen has published. In May it released the mystery-based puzzle game Defoliation which was based around the supernatural.

Behind the Screen is a bit different as it centers around the question of which news in the world is real and which is fake. In the game’s case, the news centers around the murder of a father at the hands of his young son. Set in Taiwan during an era (the 1970s) where the internet has not been created, players examine the murderer’s upbringing through his eyes right up to the moment of his father’s death.

The player’s quest for truth involves solving several mysteries which involve both puzzle and action-based gameplay while facing conflict surrounding what is real and what is part of a dream. Every stage also holds hidden secrets as well which further uncover why the boy did what he did.

Behind the Screen will be available in the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 23 for $9.99. Are you looking forward to uncovering the mystery? Comment below!

Nick Battaglia
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