Beautiful tribute video re-imagines Mother 3 with a claymation art style

mother 3 tribute

Last week, Nintendo brought two fantastic JRPGs to Nintendo Switch Online. EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound (also known as Mother and Mother 2) were largely unappreciated in their time, but they’ve become cult classics over the years. The third and final entry in the series has still never been released outside of Japan, but it has attracted a passionate international fanbase all the same. If you’re longing for an official release of Mother 3, this impressive fan tribute should scratch that itch, at least for a while.

Mother 3: Tribute is a fan-made trailer for a remake that, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. The video imagines Mother 3 with a new 3D art style that’s similar to claymation, not unlike the recent Link’s Awakening remake. The video was produced by a team of 22 talented animators and artists for the channel Curiomatic, previously Smashified.

Mother 3 tribute video

If you want to know more about Mother 3: Tribute and the team behind it, you can check out the official website for the project. Here’s an excerpt explaining the idea behind the project.

The MOTHER series by Shigesato Itoi is a trilogy that is often overlooked. With 3 games that are widely regarded as cult classics, the series never really took hold in the West, with its third installment having never been officially released outside of Japan. Despite this, the series has managed to inspire so many of its players to create amazing things.

MOTHER 3: Tribute is our contribution to that river of creativity—a love letter to the third game of the trilogy. Everything you see on this website, from videos to artwork, represents the culmination of over 2 years of work. Together with a team of 22 creatives from around the world, we produced hundreds of assets, which came together in the form of a mock trailer that depicts our vision for what MOTHER 3 could be like if it were remade using modern technology.

At this point, I’ve lost hope that Nintendo will ever localize Mother 3, but fan tributes like this one show how much potential there is.

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