This Bayonetta cosplay looks like video game graphics but it’s a human

Bayonetta cosplay luna miduki

Once upon a time, PlatinumGames took it upon itself to answer an important question: “What happens if a sexy British librarian type is also a witch who beats up angels and demons?” The world has benefited ever since. Now, Japanese cosplayer @luna_miduki has taken to Twitter to show off some awesome Bayonetta cosplay, specifically with costumes from Bayonetta 2. The details on these outfits are nuts, and she carries herself with the casual poise and confidence required of the character.

This is far from luna miduki’s first rodeo, which will surprise no one, but it’s not even her first time being Bayonetta. She’s previously shown off costumes from the first game as well. (She’s also done Morrigan from Darkstalkers, if that floats your boat.)

Bayonetta 3 is reportedly on track, but it quietly ditched its originally intended 2019 release date. It’s pretty peculiar though that so much time has passed without Platinum Games showing off anything new about the game whatsoever. However, the awesome success that is Astral Chain is enough to hold us over.

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John Friscia
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