Bayonetta 3 is ‘progressing well,’ say Nintendo execs, as if we haven’t heard that 10,000 times

NOA Nintendo of America Bill Trinen Nate Bihldorff say Bayonetta 3 is progressing well at PlatinumGames smooth development

Nintendo and PlatinumGames announced Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch at The Game Awards 2017 with no gameplay, and we have seen absolutely nothing since then. Granted, Platinum subsequently surprised the world with Astral Chain and went on to re-release The Wonderful 101, but the complete lack of genuine updates on Bayonetta 3 has left fans wondering why they bothered to announce the game so early in the first place (not entirely unlike the situation with Metroid Prime 4). On myriad occasions, PlatinumGames executives like Hideki Kamiya have insisted that Bayonetta 3 is progressing well though. And now it’s apparently Nintendo’s turn to play that game, as Nintendo of America senior product marketing manager Bill Trinen also says Bayonetta 3 is “progressing well.”

This came from a video interview with GameSpot, where the outlet asked what is going on with said game and if it even still exists, to which NOA senior director of localization Nate Bihldorff responded, “It definitely still exists. I can confirm it.” Bill Trinen then added the following: “I will even go one further and say not only does it exist, but it’s progressing well. … We like to show things whenever we’re ready to show them, and certainly we like to show things when the developer’s ready to show them. So we didn’t have it at E3, but stay tuned.”

So, yes, Nintendo says Bayonetta 3 is progressing well with its development at PlatinumGames. Apparently, it’s been progressing smoothly for over three years now — but not so well that anyone can see a single second of it. Cool.

What do you think of this parade of vague, meaningless updates on the Nintendo Switch exclusive?


John Friscia
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