E3pedia: Bayonetta 2

In today’s Nintendo Direct we had finally the chance to watch new footage from the anticipated Bayonetta 2.

For the first time since its announcement, we could finally watch some actual gameplay trailer. This new trailer proves again why Wii U fans have so much hope into Platinum Games upcoming release that will also launch in 2014.

Satoru Iwata also promised more information about Bayonetta 2 during E3.

Game: Bayonetta 2
Developer: Platinum Games
Platform: Wii U, Wii U eShop
Players: 2 Players
Mulitplayer: Co-Op
Release Date: 2014


Update: New details emerged about \”Bayonetta 2\” after the first hands-on experiences:

– fast-paced and combo-centric
– fighting involves meleeing, kicking and shooting
– dodge attacks and activate Witch Time
– Torture Attacks return
– new Torture Attack featurs a pair of grinders and a fatality
– Umbral Climax meter is charged by successful combos
– this turns regular attacks into enormous, screen-sized strikes
– send enemies flying with giant, floating fists and feet made from hair
– still leaves Bayonetta in very revealing \’outfits\’ after these attacks
– on location is the back of a speeding harrier jet flying through the heart of a congested city
– you\’re being chased by other jets and massive, horrific angels
– appearance from Jeanne confirmed
– features off-TV play
– \”Touch\” mode allows players to control Bayonetta using the GamePad’s touchscreen
[Source: Gonintendo]

Hektor Apostolopoulos