Battlesloths is a hectic top-down multiplayer shooter out today on Switch


Battlesloths deploys sloths, pizza, and a military-grade arsenal in its bid to secure a stake in the Switch eShop’s local multiplayer scene. The game, out today on Switch, looks good enough–and its premise ridiculous enough–to turn a few heads and maybe do just that. In Battlesloths, a bunch of, well, sloths are having a slumber party, and instead of playing rock paper scissors to divide up the last few pieces of pizza, they’re fighting to the death. Fast-paced battles are decided with hoverboards, swords, guns, and even nukes, all of which play vital roles in mowing down your friends and stealing their pizza slices. The game hasn’t been the subject of a ton of pre-release coverage, but YouTuber Super Nintendad got their hands on the game and uploaded over seventeen minutes of footage. The video, embedded below, confirms the deepest suspicions and hopes I built up in the five minutes between learning about Battlesloths and finding the gameplay–the game is pure chaos.

Out today on Switch with a modest $9.99 price tag, I’m looking to try out Battlesloths as soon as I can. I don’t expect it to stand next to the greats (AKA Towerfall and Ultimate Chicken Horse), but I absolutely see this being the sort of sneakily addictive title that stands along the lines of Retimed and Astro Bears.

Nick Pearson
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