Bakutsuri Hunters is the fantasy fishing game I never knew I wanted

Bakutsuri Hunters fishing attachment Switch Joy-Con

I have literally never in my life said, “I want to go fishing.” But! When I saw that image, the Joy-Con attached to a fishing reel, the menacing fish ripped straight from Monster Hunter, I knew I wanted Bakutsuri Hunters. The game is launching in Japan on Dec. 7, and I’ve never been more jealous. Bakutsuri Hunters comes as a digital code when you purchase the mandatory Bakutsuri Giga Rod.

Bakutsuri Hunters lets you conquer the many monsters of the sea, but with cool toys! By scanning additionally purchased Bakutsuri Giga Lures you can get said lures in-game. There are also scannable fishing spot cards that grant new levels. Its a toys-to-life game with an aesthetic I can get behind.

Bakutsuri Hunters fishing attachment Switch Joy-Con

A demo version of the game is releasing as a code with the December edition of Monthly CoroCoro Comic, although I’m not sure how you’re going to play it without the Giga Rod. Gimmicks aren’t always successful, but there are some that are just too good to pass up.

I know this won’t excite… most people, but going on a colorful fantasy fishing adventure sounds wonderfully novel. There was also a 3DS game, Bakutsuri Bar Hunter, that I’m now mad that no one told me about. Likely, a game like this won’t make its way west, so I guess I’ll just spend the extra money importing it and tirelessly learn Japanese. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go hunt down the Bakutsuri Bar Hunter anime.


Cody Morris
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