Baiken from Guilty Gear revealed as the next Samurai Shodown DLC

Baiken from Guilty Gear revealed as the next Samurai Shodown DLC

SNK teased the final DLC for Samurai Shodown less than 24 hours ago, and it’s been revealed as Baiken from the Guilty Gear series. The wandering samurai will join Samurai Shodown as the fourth character from Season Pass 3 on August 19, 2021.

Baiken (voiced by Mayumi Asano) is a pink-haired one-armed samurai from Guilty Gear and probably the best fit for SamSho in terms of looks and fighting style. She’s been in each major Guilty Gear title, from the first game to the latest in Guilty Gear -Strive-. She’s known for her long pink hair and a clawed grappling hook that she has in place of her missing right arm. In the earlier games, she originally kept her left eye closed but began sporting an eye patch goggle in Guilty Gear Xrd. Her appearance in Samurai Shodown is the same as the one from Guilty Gear -Strive-.

The full lineup for Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 is Cham Cham, Hibiki Takane, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, and Baiken. Baiken will be the third crossover guest DLC character following Warden from For Honor and Gongsun Li from Honor of Kings. SNK previously stated that Season Pass 3 would be the last addition to Samurai Shodown, so once Baiken joins, it will have a final roster of 30 playable characters.

Samurai Shodown Guilty Gear Baiken DLC character trailer

At the end of the trailer, Baiken says, “Tch, I better hurry up and take care of business here so I can go back to the normal world,” suggesting that she was somehow sent to the Samurai Shodown world.

Samurai Shodown is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.