Bacon Man: An Adventure is a platformer where you play as a slice of bacon

strip of Bacon Man: An Adventure platformer Nintendo Switch October release date Skymap Games

Skymap Games’ Bacon Man: An Adventure makes its way to Nintendo Switch this month with an interesting premise. The main character, Bacon Man, is just that: a curled slice of sizzling bacon. It’s a bit absurd, sure, but it does match the game’s ’90s platformer vibe. There are three other character options too, with costumes to unlock for each. The Switch version also comes with some improvements over the initial 2018 Steam release.

Bacon Man: An Adventure on Switch provides “punchy platforming, hammed-up humor, and scathing satire” with some extras and quality-of-life improvements along the way. This new edition of the game also serves up even more challenges, with improved boss battles and three new levels exclusive to the Switch release. There’s a couch co-op mode too, which lets players complete the game’s 25 levels as a double act.

A game with a title like Bacon Man: An Adventure might sound like it has no story, but Skymap Games has given the game some context at least. After being framed for the murder of his late grandfather Old King Roast Beef, Bacon Man now seeks to reclaim his birth right to the Meat Throne, apparently. From there, the journey takes place across such foodie locales as The Freezer, where Bacon Man confronts the “Evil Food Kings” that betrayed him.

Bacon Man: An Adventure launches on Nintendo Switch on Sept. 29 for $9.99.

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