This Ayla cosplay comes approved by a Chrono Trigger director

Chrono Trigger Ayla cosplay Japanese cosplayer raimu charlotte Takashi Tokita live-action movie character

We’ll look for basically any reason to talk about Chrono Trigger around here. The soundtrack is the apex of video game music and continues to be officially remixed in exciting ways. The characters are memorable and delightful. The battle system continues to be revisited and revised in other RPGs. So today, sure, let’s talk about Chrono Trigger cosplay — more specifically, this authentic, easy-on-the-eyes Ayla from popular Japanese cosplayer @raimu_charlotte. Takashi Tokita, one of the directors of Chrono Trigger, even approves of this Ayla cosplay, saying (if we trust Google Translate) that it’s as if the character were in a “live-action film.”

The most impressive part of the cosplay is clearly just the wig. Artist Akira Toriyama designed Ayla with extremely lush and flowing hair that sort of whips in all different directions simultaneously, and this wig captures all of that dynamism. The stick for pulverizing dinos is a nice touch too though. And the loin cloth does its job as well — though I’d never thought about till now how fashion-forward Ayla is, wearing those cloth wristbands that probably have minimal defensive function. At any rate, raimu charlotte knows how to put together an Ayla cosplay.

Oh, and the raimu charlotte Chrono Trigger cosplay doesn’t stop there — here’s a total banger Lucca cosplay from last year.

Raimu charlotte has done a lot of fantastic video game cosplay, frankly, from the hero of Dragon Quest IV to Celes in Final Fantasy VI  and Elly in Xenogears. If you’ve been looking for someone new to obsess over, she’s your lady. Let us know what you think of this Chrono Trigger Ayla cosplay and her other works, and then share it around to your friends who appreciate quality cosplay and/or are especially thirsty.

John Friscia
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