Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 starts now, and you need to watch it!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 AGDQ 2019 Prevent Cancer Foundation

Games Done Quick is a twice-annual video game speedrunning event streamed through Twitch, and viewers watching the stream donate to a charity that has been selected for the event. The event has snowballed in cultural magnitude since its inception in 2010, as Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 (AGDQ) and Summer Games Done Quick 2018 (SGDQ) both raised over $2 million each for charity. And now, I am very excited to say that Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 has begun, and the schedule of games for the event looks pretty awesome.

Per the usual, AGDQ will run for a full week, beginning now — 11:30 a.m. EST, Jan. 6 — and concluding somewhere around Jan. 13 if everyone is still conscious and self-aware by then. This time, Games Done Quick is raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is something we can all get behind.

There are always a lot of games in the GDQ lineup to be excited about, Nintendo-related or otherwise. This time around, among the Nintendo console fare, I’m excited to see runs of Mega Man Zero 2, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Super Mario RPG, and a Mega Man X through X3 relay race. I’m also excited for stuff like a gigantic run of Final Fantasy IX, a run of the fan game Mega Man Unlimited, and the rom hack Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise.

The best part of GDQ, aside from the fact that it raises an unbelievable amount of money for worthy causes, is that it covers so many different types of games with its speedruns. People run short, concise classics like Mega Man X. They run gigantic RPGs like Final Fantasy IX. They run PC classics like Doom 2. They even run hilariously terrible games like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. There is genuinely something for every gamer.

So please, make sure to check in on the Awesome Games Done Quick stream this week! And if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a donation, I strongly encourage you to do so. Few things deserve your money more than this, and few things are as fun as this.

If you like this, don’t forget that GDQ isn’t the only organization streaming games for charity! There are also events like Zeldathon.

John Friscia
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