Atooi Confirms ‘Xeodrifter’ For Switch, ‘Treasurenauts’ News Coming Soon?

Atooi’s official Twitter account has unveiled that Xeodrifter, the company’s popular Metroidvania-style game, will be seeing a release on Nintendo Switch.

Drifting through the stars. More intel soon.”

Atooi’s first game on Switch was Mutant Mudds Collection, back in December. After success with the title, the company announced that at least three games were coming to the platform in 2018. Xeodrifter is the second to be announced, following Treasurenauts’ announcement last year. however, Atooi’s founder Jools Watsham also confirmed that Treasurenauts details will be shared soon.

When I interviewed Watsham last month, he mentioned that Chicken Wiggle might see a release on Switch. Rumor has it this will be the third game announced by Atooi.

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Aric Sweeny
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