Atelier Sophie 2 videos reveal the battle system, synthesis, and new party members

Atelier Sophie 2 videos reveal the battle system, synthesis, and new party members

We recently learned about two new party members joining Atelier Sophie 2, and we now have a first look at the characters, battle system, and synthesis in new videos from Koei Tecmo.

Again, it’s worth noting that we only have the Japanese spelling of the character names, so they’re subject to change come localization. Check out the new videos below:

Arette Claruty

Arette makes a living as a procurement shop merchant. She basically goes around picking things up and selling them for profit. Her dream is to become rich. She’s a reckless tomboy who gets carried away easily. While Arette has great confidence in herself, she’s a troublemaker by nature and tends to blunder things up. She’s a martial artist who puts her nimble movements to use.

Orias Endels

Orias is a bodyguard with a great deal of confidence. He’s dignified and straightforward. He takes good care of people and has a great deal of trust from the residents. He can be lighthearted when it comes to words, so he might come across as questionable. However, he always does a perfect job whenever he accepts a request for a job. Orias displays splendid skills with his weapon of choice — the rifle.

Atelier Sophie 2 battle system

Atelier Sophie 2 features a turn-based battle system with seamless battles that start when you attack a monster on the field. You get six characters on your side with teams of two (three frontline and three backline positions for a total of three teams). You can also have two party members tag-team to pull off powerful “Duel Trigger” special attacks.


Atelier Sophie 2 has an evolved version of the “Panel Synthesis” system featured in the Mysterious series. It will include higher-difficulty reverse panels that allow you to create powerful items. Again, as you progress through the story of Atelier Sophie 2, you’ll get to do a special synthesis from Plachta and get help from party members through cooperation skills.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream launches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 25, 2022, and now we have a slightly clearer idea of its battle system and new party members.