ASMR Journey brings animated jigsaw puzzles to Switch July 13

ASMR Journey animated interactive puzzles video game QUByte Interactive Nintendo Switch Daylife in Japan

QUByte Interactive and Leonardo Zufi will bring ASMR Journey, a collection of serene animated jigsaw puzzles, to Nintendo Switch tomorrow, July 13. In terms of basic gameplay and UI design, it looks nearly identical to another QUByte game with the same premise, Daylife in Japan, which released back in January. However, ASMR Journey on Switch swaps out a Japan aesthetic in its puzzles for “magical environments,” and there is apparently a light story this time around.

As QUByte explains, “The journey starts with a girl opening the door to her bookstore in the corner of the living room. It was the little witch who sell magic books. At hand was his new volume, with a peculiar name. But what journey would that be? Maybe we all need to know, because the secret for a creative and serene mind is the magic for an eternal life.” Okay, cool, but this is still animated jigsaw puzzles, so you should probably temper your expectations for a rich story. Like in Daylife in Japan, you can zoom in or out, highlight border puzzle pieces, shuffle the remaining pieces, and preview the complete image (as if you were looking at the picture on a box), all while chilling out to pleasant music.

There is no pricing or Nintendo Switch eShop listing for ASMR Journey yet, but Daylife in Japan retails for $3.99. I actually bought the latter and have enjoyed the brief moments I’ve spent with it, as it delivers exactly what it promises: chill puzzles.

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