Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom preorders open now

preorder Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendos Legendary CEO preorders Hobonichi

Earlier this week we reported that Hobonichi’s Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendo’s Legendary CEO would be getting a Western release. The book is now available to preorder from Amazon. Currently it’ll cost you $22.99 in the U.S. If you preorder it now and the price drops later, Amazon will only charge you the lowest price as per policy. Unfortunately for readers in the U.K., the book isn’t listed on the U.K. Amazon store just yet.

The book is set for a release on April 13, 2021. That might seem like a long way away, but this book is almost certainly worth the wait. To have the words of Satoru Iwata in your hands, and in a language you can read, must be an incredible feeling. I really can’t wait to devour every single page of this thing.

The book launched in Japan last year by the company responsible for the Mother series. It covers the life of Satoru Iwata and includes a number of interviews with those who knew him. Of course, the book is also filled with pages written by the great man himself.

The book may not be for every Nintendo fan, but it’s certainly something that long-time fans should consider buying. Iwata was a huge part of Nintendo, and I remember him best for halving his income for a couple of years to help save jobs, truly a caring leader.

Jamie Sharp
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