She’s still got it: Ash’s original English voice actor comments on the character’s Alola victory


Ash Ketchum is now a champion in the world of the Pokémon anime. It took over half my life, but hey, at least it happened. The collective world rejoiced once the news hit the boy who never ages finally snagged a win. One of the people celebrating was none other than Ash’s original English voice actor, Veronica Taylor. She even congratulated her former character via Twitter.

She must be Ash’s biggest fan

Take a look at Veronica’s triumphant tweet below:

My word. I’ve never witnessed something so heartwarming and unnerving at the same time.

Props to Veronica for still nailing Ash’s voice after retiring from the show once Season 8 wrapped up. Also, what a great, inspiring speech! It’s all about the journey and friends we make along the way. In addition to the bonds we create with Pokémon we rip from their natural habitats.

However, face morphing is terrifying. The eyes unsettle me the most. And the bit about Mr. Mime making dinner with mom? Why do you have to underscore Ash’s absentee dad, Veronica?

Fellow believers in Ash Ketchum, are you happy he finally won a championship after 20 years? What do you think of Veronica’s touching tribute? Let us know in the comment field below!

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