Asatsugutori trailer & details revealed for NIS time loop adventure game

NIS time loop adventure game Asatsugutori gets its first trailer and details

NIS has recently announced a new “time loop exploration adventure” game called Asatsugutori, and we now got a first look with a debut trailer. Furthermore, the developers shared new details about the story, characters, and gameplay on the newly launched official website.

Asatsugutori puts you in control of time-rewinding abilities used to prevent incidents from happening. The first details from NIS go over the basic game systems and main character introductions. We also get a better idea about its mysterious setting.

NIS time loop adventure game Asatsugutori gets its first trailer and details

The story starts when the protagonist Hibari wakes up in an unknown room. She meets seven other girls in the same situation, and none know how they got there. The perplexed girls hear an announcement from a speaker above their heads. The voice from the speaker says:

“Only one of you who survives until the end will get to leave this building. I recommend you to work together to live as long as possible. And maybe, if you work hard enough, you might even be able to use magic.”

The mysterious communal life with the eight girls continues for a few days, and an incident finally occurs. While Hibari laments the fact that she couldn’t do anything to prevent that scene of death that happened right before her eyes, she says, “If only I could go back before she died…”

NIS time loop adventure game Asatsugutori gets its first trailer and details

The next day, Hibari wakes up and goes to the dining hall for breakfast. However, that’s where she sees the girl who died the day prior, sitting there as if nothing happened. This is the ability to rewind time: “With this power, I can redo anything any number of times. I won’t let anyone die.”

Asatsugutori time loop gameplay and trailer

Asatsugutori gameplay

The exploration part takes place after an incident occurs, and Hibari rewinds time. This part of the game is controlled in real time. The objective is to find items, talk to other characters, and find information that will help prevent the death of the incident from taking place. Keep in mind that the information you find varies depending on the time of day, so you might need to rewind multiple times to find everything.

Watch the image movie trailer for Asatsugutori below:

Asatsugutori launches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan on November 25, 2021. The game will cost 7,678 yen (~$70.32) at launch for both platforms’ physical and digital editions.