Artist makes awesome 3D models out of Game Boy Pokémon sprites

3D Pokémon sprites Pokémon Red Blue pixel art

The original Pokémon sprites in Pokémon Red and Blue were so full of character. Unlike now, where everyone already knows what a Nidoking or a Haunter is all about, it was really up to the pixel artist to tell the whole story of a creature with one static image. That’s by no means an easy task. On Twitter, user @Cortoony (Cort) is keeping the memory of the original Pokémon sprites alive with amazing 3D renditions of that original art. Take a look at these utterly faithful renditions of Porygon, Nidoking, Dragonair, and Haunter, who now rotate in full 3D.

How did Cort achieve this? Through hard work and sophisticated understanding of 3D modeling, I presume. Or maybe black magic. In any case, I sure couldn’t do it. Cort has been delivering these 3Dified Pokémon sprites in a steady stream since Nov. 18, so perhaps more are still to follow.

I’d never imagined such a thing until now, but a new 3D Pokémon game that had a visual style exclusively dedicated to bringing Game Boy pixel art into 3D would be wild. It would almost be like Octopath Traveler in reverse, a whole new kind of retro gaming. Would you be down to play a game like this? Tell us what you think!

Update: Cort made Meowth!


John Friscia
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