Arrog is a short game about accepting death, arriving in July

By 2 years ago

Arrog is a short upcoming experience for Nintendo Switch. In it, players will be helping a man accept his death over the course of a short, 30-minute journey. The game is described as an enigmatic puzzle adventure game, and it uses simple black and white visuals with well-realized animations on each character.

Developed by LEAP Game Studios and Hermanos Magia, Arrog looks and sounds pretty distinct among what’s currently available on the Switch. The visuals have been hand-drawn for each scene, so that minimalistic style may help you focus on the core message. The soundtrack too is crafted for each moment in the game.

Rather than being a story about accepting death once you’ve already died like The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Arrog takes players through a dying man’s dreams. It’s within these dreams that the man finds peace and acceptance, something that must be incredibly hard to find when you’re dying.

The game is slated to launch in July this year, which may just be the right time for it. With all the trouble going on around the world at the moment, this game may help those who have lost loved ones find a peace that they’ve been searching for.