Ariana Grande is a Mario Kart fan!

Ariana Grande - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Lady Gaga - Bayonetta - Brie Larson - Nintendo

Do you know who is chucking red turtle shells at opponents as fast and hard as the popular tunes she belts? Ariana Grande, that’s who. Recently, the glamorous singer took to Instagram to ask Nintendo Switch fans for a favor.

“does anybody know how to play mario kart with a friend from two different locations on nintendo switch? pls dm me it’s urgent. thank u so much.”

The message was posted to her Instagram stories to her 136 million followers. According to CNET, she later posted an image of the online multiplayer hub within Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So, it seems she must have gotten everything sorted out.

Other celebrities in Nintendo news

Celebrities live peculiar lives that the vast majority of the world’s population never experience. Their fame draws an intensified level of attention to their every move. So much so, in fact, that we report on something as simple as a singer asking for social media’s guidance in getting set up with online play.

However, Ariana Grande isn’t the only celebrity to brush with the headlines of Nintendo fandom recently. Lady Gaga has been engaged in some late-night ass-kicking in Platinum Games’ Bayonetta titles on the Nintendo Switch. This self-ascribed “secret gamer girl” didn’t stop with just one tweet at the start of the month. Just last week, Lady Gaga was still at it. Eventually, even a certain someone was impressed…

Brie Larson also surprised Nintendo fans on Halloween as she donned the digs of zero-suit Samus of Metroid fame. She even further excited Nintendo fans when she suggested that she’d love to be apart of a cinematic adaptation of the franchise.

As a long-time gamer, it’s exciting to see games enter mainstream popularity with even big-time celebrities amongst our ranks. Think about it. The more attention video games receive from consumers and the public spotlight, the more frequent and higher quality they become. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next closeted celebrity gamer. They’re out there.

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