Arcade Archives Raiden takes flight on Switch next week

Arcade Archives Raiden

Hamster has announced that Raiden will be available on Switch next week as part of the Arcade Archives line of titles. The game will launch on July 1. Raiden is a classic vertical shooter that originally launched in 1990. The game is set in the year 2090 and tasks players with fighting off an alien invasion. Originally an arcade success story, the game was ported to consoles soon after its 1990 release. Raiden eventually spawned several sequels, even though the original developer, Seibu Kaihatsu, went bankrupt in 2005. Now one of the more well-known vertical shooters out there, Hamster is bringing an important piece of the genre to a new audience.

Arcade Archives Raiden will cost players $7.99 on the eShop, the standard price for games in Hamster’s popular line of arcade ports. That’s a pretty cheap price of entry, which is good for players interested in trying out the game without too big of an investment (and, given that the game is over thirty years old, it’d be tough to justify paying much more).

Are you interested in picking up Arcade Archives Raiden next week? Have you got any experience with the original game? If so, how do you like it? Sound off in the comment section below with whatever thoughts you have on Raiden.


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