Arcade Archives titles Alpha Mission, Savage Reign coming to Switch

Arcade Archives titles Alpha Mission, Savage Reign coming to Switch

It’s another week which means another batch of retro titles is coming to Nintendo Switch! Hamster is the leader of cranking out rereleases that are either memorable classics or obscurities that deserve some love. This time we’re treated to the vertical shoot ’em up Alpha Mission and NEOGEO fighter Savage Reign. Both titles will be released in the Switch eShop on October 25th.

Arcade Archives titles Alpha Mission, Savage Reign coming to Switch

Alpha Mission

Alpha Mission is a pretty standard vertical shoot ’em up (or “shmup” if you will) by SNK. It was released for arcades in 1985 and saw an NES port in 1987. Like most games in the genre, powerups are collected to cut through all enemies that come your way. One somewhat unique aspect is the fact there are ground and air enemies which need to be handled differently. Lasers take care of aerial threats while missiles blast turrets and other ground-based weapons.

Hamster provided their own description for Alpha Mission below:

ALPHA MISSION is a shooting game released by SNK in 1985. Equip Power Armor as you fight and experience one of the most innovative shooting games of its time. Collect parts to assemble eight types of Power Armor to use strategically as you play the game.

Arcade Archives titles Alpha Mission, Savage Reign coming to Switch

Savage Reign

Presented by ACA NEOGEO, a sub-series of Arcade Archives, we also have Savage Reign. This was one of many fighting games that SNK unleashed on NEOGEO fans back in 1995. The genre was hot with bigger titles at that time which left this one out to dry for the most part.

Character sprites are big and bright, but the designs themselves aren’t terribly inspiring. There’s a certain “try-hardness” when your cast includes a clown named Joker and a gymnast who fights with a ball. This game also tries to incorporate the two-plane system like in early Fatal Fury titles. There was a reason why the more popular fighting game franchise eventually dropped this. It still doesn’t work well in Savage Reign either.

Hamster gives their description below:

SAVAGE REIGN is a fighting game released by SNK in 1995. In the first half of the 21st century, 10 great fighters have gathered to compete in King Lion’s Battle of the Beast-God! Howling fists and flying weapons! A completely new style of fighting game. Utilize the innovative 2 Line System to achieve victory in this vicious fight!

Do you plan to pick up either of these retro titles? What else do you hope to see from Arcade Archives? Let us know in the comments below!


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