ARC STYLE: 3D Baseball Coming to 3DS May 15th

Spring training has just begun on the 3DS

Sports games have trickled down very slowly to Nintendo systems lately. What once was a thriving genre filled with tons of fierce competitors, licensing issues and exclusivity has lead to a steady decline in any sports titles on a Nintendo platform (the fact that EA doesn\’t appear to be a huge Nintendo supporter doesn\’t help either.)

Alas, a new competitor is entering the diamond via the 3DS eShop now and is hoping to win over fans of \”America’s Favorite Past-Time\”, both casual and hardcore baseball fans alike. ARC STYLE: 3D Baseball is gearing up to enter the 3DS eShop on May 15th according to Nintendo’s official website, and it looks to be a fun experience.

Originally released in Japan, ARC STYLE: 3D Baseball may lack an MLB license but could be just enough for baseball fans to enjoy. Fully customizable rosters are featured in the game, along with the ability to use the 3DS Camera to put yourself in the game. The game features both Exhibition and Tournament play, along with local multiplayer.

Will you be taking a swing at ARC STYLE: 3D Baseball when it releases on the eShop next week? Let us know in the comments.

Shawn Long
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